Use Player Analytics to understand better how players behave in your game

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Google Play games services provides Player Analytics, a free games-specific analytics tool, in the Play Console games services tab. View details on multiplayer games, average revenue per paying user (ARPPU), sessions per user, and more. Set and monitor daily revenue targets from a comprehensive dashboard of player and engagement statistics.

Why it works

Reports from Player Analytics provide a data-driven approach to understanding how players are progressing, spending, and churning. You can then use these reports to devise ways to improve engagement and retention, and use the data gathered to programmatically optimize players' game experiences.

Key features

  • The Player Stats API lets you tune your game experience for specific segments of players across the game lifecycle. Player segments can be based on player progression, spend, and engagement.
  • The funnels report enables you to create a funnel chart from any sequence of events, such as achievements, spend, and custom events.
  • The cohorts report allows you to take any event—such as sessions, cumulative spend, and custom events—and compare the cumulative event values by new user cohorts.
  • The Player Time Series Explorer offers insights into what happens to your players during critical moments.
  • The Events Viewer allows you to create reports based on your custom Play Games' events.