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Analyze user reviews to understand opinions about your app

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View the top trends and issues that users mention in your app's reviews to understand what changes to your app or game users want most.

Why it works

User reviews often contain valuable feedback and suggestions for improving your app. Being able to analyze the top trends and issues for your app enables you to assess which parts of your app or game you should focus on. It also shows where you should invest in your business to improve your offering to users and create a more successful app or game.

Best practices

  • Apply filters to analyze reports more easily. To understand your app's reviews better, you can apply filters to see reviews by any combination of rating, written language, app version, and device.
  • Understand how users rate your app across categories with the benchmarks report. On the Reviews Analysis page, the benchmarks report shows how users rate your app across a series of static categories (such as design, speed, stability, and usability) used to measure all apps in the same Play Store category (such as Health & Fitness or Lifestyle).
  • Analyze the topics report. In the topics report, you'll see a dynamic list of terms mentioned in reviews specific to your app.
  • Change the period for the reports at the top of the Benchmarks and Topics sections.
  • Understand how your app compares by using peer benchmarks. In addition to the data for your app, benchmarks show how your app compares to others in the same Play Store category. Use Rating vs. peers to assess how your rating compares to apps in the same Play Store category. Look at Number vs. peers to understand how the number of reviews per topic compares to apps in the same Play Store category.