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Use ANGLE for OpenGL ES

ANGLE is a project in the Chrome organization that handles OpenGL ES graphic calls using Vulkan instead of the device's vendor-provided native ES driver.

There are a number of OpenGL ES drivers supplied by the different hardware vendors on Android devices. This diversity contributes to a variation in the quality of graphics drivers and inconsistent behavior on those drivers. It also means that bug fixes often do not propagate to all devices and helps lead to fragmentation of the OpenGL ES ecosystem.

When Android 11 is released the ANGLE APK will include a configuration file to enable ANGLE on a per-app basis. In the meantime, starting with the Android 11 preview you can run non-core apps using ANGLE to evaluate performance and decide whether or not a particular app should use ANGLE. This evaluation and opt-in option lets developers make the shift to ANGLE gradually.

To try out ANGLE, follow these steps:

1. Enable developer options.

2. Open developer options and select ANGLE Preferences.

3. Select an app.

4. Choose a driver for the app.

Choose angle. To revert to the native OpenGL driver, select native or default.