public abstract @interface ExperimentalAvailableCamerasLimiter
implements Annotation


Denotes that the annotated method uses an experimental API that configures CameraX to limit the available cameras applications can use in order to optimize the initialization latency.

Once the configuration is enabled, only cameras selected by this CameraSelector can be used in the applications. If the application binds the use cases with a CameraSelector that selects a unavailable camera, a IllegalArgumentException will be thrown.

CameraX initialization performs tasks including enumerating cameras, querying CameraCharacteristics and retrieving properties preparing for resolution determination. On some low end devices, these could take significant amount of time. Using the API can avoid the initialization of unnecessary cameras and speed up the time for camera start-up. For example, if the application uses only back cameras, it can set this configuration by CameraSelector.DEFAULT_BACK_CAMERA and then CameraX will avoid initializing front cameras to reduce the latency.


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