public static final class DimensionBuilders.ProportionalDimensionProp
extends Object implements DimensionBuilders.ImageDimension

   ↳ androidx.wear.tiles.builders.DimensionBuilders.ProportionalDimensionProp

A type for a dimension that scales itself proportionally to another dimension such that the aspect ratio defined by the given width and height values is preserved.

Note that the width and height are unitless; only their ratio is relevant. This allows for specifying an element's size using common ratios (e.g. width=4, height=3), or to allow an element to be resized proportionally based on the size of an underlying asset (e.g. an 800x600 image being added to a smaller container and resized accordingly).


Nested classes

class DimensionBuilders.ProportionalDimensionProp.Builder

Builder for DimensionBuilders.ProportionalDimensionProp

Public methods

static DimensionBuilders.ProportionalDimensionProp.Builder builder()

Returns a new DimensionBuilders.ProportionalDimensionProp.Builder.

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