public static final class TimelineBuilders.Timeline
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.wear.tiles.builders.TimelineBuilders.Timeline

A collection of TimelineBuilders.TimelineEntry items.

TimelineBuilders.TimelineEntry items can be used to update a layout on-screen at known times, without having to explicitly update a layout. This allows for cases where, say, a calendar can be used to show the next event, and automatically switch to showing the next event when one has passed.

The active TimelineBuilders.TimelineEntry is switched, at most, once a minute. In the case where the validity periods of TimelineBuilders.TimelineEntry items overlap, the item with the shortest* validity period will be shown. This allows a layout provider to show a "default" layout, and override it at set points without having to explicitly insert the default layout between the "override" layout.


Nested classes

class TimelineBuilders.Timeline.Builder

Builder for TimelineBuilders.Timeline  

Public methods

static TimelineBuilders.Timeline.Builder builder()

Returns a new TimelineBuilders.Timeline.Builder.

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