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class ComplicationsUserStyleSetting : UserStyleSetting

ComplicationsUserStyleSetting is the recommended UserStyleSetting for representing complication configuration options such as the number of active complications, their location, etc... The ComplicationsOption class allows you to apply a list of ComplicationOverlays on top of the base config as specified by the androidx.wear.watchface.Complication constructor.

The ComplicationsManager listens for style changes with this setting and when a ComplicationsOption is selected the overrides are automatically applied. Note its suggested that the default ComplicationOverlay (the first entry in the list) does not apply any overrides.

Not to be confused with complication provider selection.


Nested classes

Overrides to be applied to the corresponding complication's initial config (as specified in androidx.wear.watchface.Complication) when the setting is selected.

Represents an override to the initial complication configuration.

Public constructors
<init>(id: String, displayName: CharSequence, description: CharSequence, icon: Icon?, complicationConfig: List<UserStyleSetting.ComplicationsUserStyleSetting.ComplicationsOption>, affectsLayers: Collection<Layer>)

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Public constructors


    id: String,
    displayName: CharSequence,
    description: CharSequence,
    icon: Icon?,
    complicationConfig: List<UserStyleSetting.ComplicationsUserStyleSetting.ComplicationsOption>,
    affectsLayers: Collection<Layer>)

Public methods


fun toWireFormat(): ComplicationsUserStyleSettingWireFormat