Anghami increases subscribers with user interface experiments and introductory pricing

Anghami is a leading music streaming service in the Middle East & North Africa, with a catalog of more than 6 million songs. They offer two services: a free version and a premium version, Anghami Plus, which has additional features and offline access for a subscription of ~$5/month.

What they did

Anghami launched their premium version in 2012 and have run many experiments in order to build a compelling subscription product. The team tested elements including in-app promotion, localized pricing, and introductory pricing offers to drive acquisition.

In-app promotion was used by adding a personalized bar calling out specific features of their premium offer to free users of the app.

Anghami's main target region is the Middle East and North Africa, which includes up to 19 countries with varying local pricing. They made sure to localize prices for each market and highlight the mobile operator which offers direct carrier billing as a payment option.

In November 2016, Anghami also ran a "White Friday" special in which they offered Anghami Plus for $3 for 3 months to people who signed up during that weekend -- an 80% saving. The offer was highlighted with a sense of urgency across all their in-app messaging.

In addition, Anghami segmented their audience identifying the most engaged by number of music minutes played per month, and sent the most engage an introductory pricing offer valid for only 48 hours.


Anghami's conversions successfully increased: the personalized bar improved conversions by 35%, the localised pricing by 26%, and the mobile operator increased conversions by 70%. The "White Friday" introductory pricing offer had impressive results, with a 400% increase in daily orders during the promotion period vs. average daily signups. The 48 hours introductory pricing offer to their engaged audience segment, who were not yet subscribers, increased conversions by 30%.

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