Expressen Sport app improves content engagement with new onboarding and navigation


In January 2016, Expressen launched a new sports app to reach sports enthusiasts directly and to better optimize the app for sports content. They decided to analyze users' behavior by looking at user paths in existing sports content, combined with user research and testing various prototypes with real users. They found that readers have different needs and preferences. For example, some people like a specific sport, league, or player that others have no interest in. Following these results, they integrated two main changes to increase appeal to different types of readers.

What they did

Expressen introduced a new onboarding flow that allows users to select the type of push notifications they want to subscribe to. They also implemented contextual navigation where the top header navigational links change, showing the most relevant links to the reader at that moment in time. For example, if you're reading about football, relevant links about that sport are displayed.


After the new release of the app, results showed a higher opt-in rate for push notifications in the Sport app (+16.9%) compared to their main app, and content consumption increased +7% for page views and +8.3% for video views.

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