Star Girl increases in-app purchases by 3.5x through more flexible minimum pricing on Google Play


Star Girl is a series of SIM/role playing games published by Animoca, a Hong Kong based game developer. The Star Girl series has more than 70 million downloads and is localized in 18 languages. With a fast-growing user base in markets including SEA, India, and Latin America, Animoca is exploring ways to effectively increase monetization with a localized pricing strategy.

What they did

Following the introduction of more flexible minimum pricing in November 2015, Animoca took the opportunity to test sachet pricing models across Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, and Russia:

Animoca created a new sachet SKU, which offered 100 diamonds and 5,000 coins, at the new lower minimum price available in these markets. The new SKU is approximately 60% cheaper than the previous minimum-priced product and is accessible only through geo-targeted, in-game banners in localized languages.


The changes to minimum prices across these markets resulted in positive results, with the number of transactions increasing 3.5X in the three months following launch.

Also, 90% of these transactions were first-time new buyers, half of which followed up with purchases of regular packages. This helps to create a more sustainable revenue impact, as described by Yusuf Goolamabbas, CTO of Animoca:

“Sachet marketing has made IAPs more affordable to users in emerging markets. We are seeing significant growth in new buyers as well as returning buyers and a positive impact on revenue in emerging markets.”

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