Hothead Games grows retention and revenues with leaderboards and achievements


Hothead Games was founded in 2006 and took the plunge into mobile games in 2011. This move has proved very successful, allowing the company to continue growing into 2016 by creating and publishing great games exclusively for mobile users.

Following their experience with Google Play games services in Rivals at War: Firefight they plan to include its features in all their games.

What they did

To start, the Google Play games services sign-in icon was given a prominent position on the home screen so it was clear and easily accessible. They then added leaderboards with their own beautifully designed badges as well as achievements. Both were aligned and displayed with related in-game missions showing players their progress and rewards earned. Notifications were used to give players instant gratification when achievements were unlocked.


Beautifully designed and specialized leaderboards

Hothead games found that retention, average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU), and average revenue per user (ARPU) positively correlated with Google Play games sign-ins. The metrics for users signed-in with Google Play games services include:

  • Day one retention 125 percent higher and day seven retention 182 percent higher.
  • ARPDAU 134 percent higher.
  • ARPU 900 percent higher.

See examples of how Hothead Games integrated Google Play games services leaderboards and achievements into the UI of Rivals at War: Firefight.

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