In February, we announced an update regarding Android Things, Google’s managed platform for IoT devices using turnkey hardware solutions. Android Things has seen success with partners building consumer products with the Google Assistant built-in. Thus, the platform has been refocused for OEM partners to continue creating consumer products in the smart speakers and smart displays categories using custom production System on Modules (SoMs).

The announcement has generated a lot of inquiries regarding existing projects and the future of the Android Things platform. Here are five common questions:

  1. What happens to existing projects built using the developer SoMs?

    Projects using the available developer SoMs, Raspberry Pi 3B and NXP iMX7D, will continue to function*. Developers will be able to manage their projects, upload custom applications, download system images, and deploy OTA (over-the-air) updates using the Android Things Console for up to 100 devices for non-commercial use.

    * Subject to the Android Things Console Terms of Service.

  2. Will the Android Things platform and developer console continue to receive updates?

    Monthly security patches for developer SoMs will continue until Aug 2019. The Android Things Console may continue to receive bug fixes and performance improvements for a limited time going forward.

  3. Will support for newer models of the Raspberry Pi (such as 3B+ and 4) be added?

    The Raspberry Pi 3B continues to be a popular target for existing and new projects. While we understand there are new capabilities and additional benefits in the newer models, there are currently no plans to add support for these new boards.

  4. Is there a path to commercialization for existing projects?

    The commercial hardware SoMs from NXP, Qualcomm, and MediaTek are only available to specific OEM partners building smart speakers and smart displays. Developers can continue to experiment in building smart, connected devices using the Android Things SDK and the developer SoMs.

    For developers looking to commercialize IoT products in 2019, check out Cloud IoT Core for secure device connectivity at scale.

  5. Where can I receive news updates and get support?

    The Google IoT Developers community was turned down as part of the Google+ shutdown on April 2019. Android Things reference documentation and guides are still available for developers.

    Developers can continue to follow the Android Developers Blog for the latest news on Android Things (tagged with the Android Things label). Issues can be filed using the Send Feedback link on the Android Things Console and will be routed to the support team in Google.