The Android Things console is no longer accepting new projects, and will be turned down for all existing projects on January 5, 2022. For more details, visit the FAQ page.

Recover a device

If you've flashed a Production image from the Android Things Console onto your developer hardware or are otherwise unable to connect to your device using fastboot or adb, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the serial debug console of your board.

  2. Connect power to the board. You'll see the following output from the console:

    U-Boot 2017.03-00545-gb47d6e0 (May 03 2018 - 19:05:06 +0000)
    CPU:   ...
    Reset cause: POR
    Board: ...
    Fastboot: Normal
    Hit any key to stop autoboot:  3
  3. Hit Enter before the countdown completes to access the bootloader prompt. Type fastboot usb and hit Enter:

    Fastboot: Normal
    Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
    => fastboot usb

The board is now in fastboot mode. Follow the instructions to Manually Flash Android Things.