Kotlin for Java developers quiz

  1. Kotlin is ___ interoperable with the Java programming language.
  2. True or false? The conversion process in Android Studio produces functionally equivalent Kotlin code that compiles and runs.
  3. Match the descriptions of how Kotlin generates in JVM bytecode with the correct annotations.

    각 답변은 일치하는 항목이 하나만 존재합니다.

    Generates static members and methods

    Generates overloaded methods for functions that have default values

    Changes the name of getters and setters

    Exposes a property directly as a field, rather than via getters and setters

    Declares checked exceptions

  4. What are different ways you can incorporate Kotlin into an existing Android app written in the Java programming language?

    적절한 답변을 모두 선택합니다.

  5. Which of the following statements are true in regards to Kotlin providing null safety?

    적절한 답변을 모두 선택합니다.

  6. Assume you have declared a function in Kotlin that contains default values for all three of its parameters. Which of these statements are true about calling such a function?

    적절한 답변을 모두 선택합니다.