Responsive layouts for large screen development

People use your apps on all kinds of devices. Unlock the full potential of your apps by using responsive layouts that adapt to fit phones, tablets, foldables, and Chrome OS devices.
More than 250 million large screen Android devices are currently in use, including tablets, foldables, and Chrome OS.
Deploy your application across a wide variety of Android devices — all from the same codebase using responsive layouts.
Tablets and foldables let people engage with your app in new ways that adapt to the configuration and form factor of the device.

Material Design resources for large screens

Designing and building for more devices.
What to prioritize when building a responsive experience.
Material Design layouts use uniform elements and spacing to encourage consistency across platforms, environments, and screen sizes.

Many apps already use responsive layouts

Optimizing your app for large screens improves the experience for your users, and delivers on business results. An increased number of apps take advantage of the opportunities with large screens on Google Play. Read more about how the Google Duo team optimized their app to work well on tablets and foldable devices.
We’ve modernized many other Google apps, like the ones shown here, to use responsive layouts so they can take advantage of large screens and foldable devices.

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