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BoundedMatcher<T, S extends T> Some matcher sugar that lets you create a matcher for a given type but only process items of a specific subtype of that matcher. 
CursorMatchers A collection of Hamcrest matchers that matches a data row in a Cursor
CursorMatchers.CursorMatcher A Matcher that matches Cursors based on values in their columns. 
HasBackgroundMatcher Matcher to match View based on its background resource. 
LayoutMatchers A collection of hamcrest matches to detect typical layout issues. 
PreferenceMatchers A collection of hamcrest matchers that match Preferences. 
RootMatchers A collection of matchers for Root objects. 
ViewMatchers A collection of hamcrest matchers that match Views. 


ViewMatchers.Visibility Enumerates the possible list of values for getVisibility()