Privacy Sandbox on Android Developer Preview is here! Learn how to get started, and continue to provide feedback.
The Privacy Sandbox on Android aims to develop new technologies that improve user privacy and enable effective, personalized advertising experiences for mobile apps. We welcome industry feedback on the design proposals and testing as previews become available.
People should be able to enjoy their app experience without worrying what personal information is collected, and by whom. The Privacy Sandbox on Android aims to build solutions that do not rely upon current tracking mechanisms, and block covert tracking techniques, such as fingerprinting.
Publishers and developers need innovative, privacy-preserving alternatives for their key business needs, including serving relevant ads, in order to continue providing free experiences for billions of people around the world.
Android has a long history of open source collaboration. We invite the entire ecosystem to be involved and contribute to the development of better user privacy standards for apps.

Proposed Solutions

Android will introduce new platform features that support mobile advertising while enhancing user privacy. You can review the current proposals for each of these features and provide feedback to help improve them.
Learn more about the overall goals and design of the Privacy Sandbox on Android
Design Proposal
A safer way for apps to integrate with third-party advertising SDKs
Design Proposal
Enable interest-based ads personalization without relying on user-level identifiers
Design Proposal
A new way to serve customized ads to users based on previous app engagement, without third-party data sharing
Design Proposal
Measure ads performance and optimize based on this data, while limiting user-level information sharing


The Privacy Sandbox on Android will be a multi-year effort. Please sign up to receive updates on upcoming milestones, including when new features become available for testing.
Design proposals publicly available for review and feedback
Through 2022
Updates to designs proposals and initial developer previews for early testing
End of 2022
Beta release of the SDK Runtime and privacy-preserving APIs

Latest News

Learn about the latest developments for the Privacy Sandbox on Android. To learn more about the overall Privacy Sandbox initiative please visit the website below.
Read our blog post that introduces the Beta release of Privacy Sandbox on Android
Hear more about the Privacy Sandbox initiative in a fireside chat with project leaders from Chrome and Android

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