Users' expectations have grown since the early days of mobile apps. From privacy to user experience, developers need to make sure their apps not only work but work well. This section will help you stay up-to-date with the latest minimum requirements through the core quality checklists, and provides in-depth guides in selected technology areas to help you go beyond the minimum.

Core App Quality Checklist

2021 Q2
Quality criteria to include in your test plan
Visual polish and user experience
Media and non-visual functionality such as background work
Keeping app and user data private and safe
Present your apps in the best light
Create engaging gameplay

Building for different form factors

Select the section below for the best practices for across different device types
Go bigger with tablets, foldables, and Chrome OS
On the wrist and on the go!
Build the Leanback experience using Android
A non-distracting user interface

Build for billions

Build apps that use memory and power efficiently
Localization and reponsive UI
Optimized for memory and multiple screen size
Reduce costs for your users
Reduce power consumption