For Ingresso, the Android App Bundle is just the ticket, decreasing app size by two-thirds

For more than 20 years, Ingresso (who was recently acquired by Fandango) has helped Brazilians go to the movies. Their mobile app is packed with trailers, showtimes, tickets, special offers and more—all in one streamlined package. Because internet connectivity in Brazil can be unpredictable, and because phone storage comes at a premium, it’s important for Ingresso to keep their app size as small as possible.

What they did

To keep their app size minimal and quick to download, Ingresso switched to the Android App Bundle. Roberto Jose, CTO at Ingresso, said that switching was easy. He commented, "We followed the documentation, which was pretty clear. Because of that, the implementation was done in less than a week."


As a result of the bundle, Fandango estimates that the Ingresso app shrank dramatically — "between 65% and 81%."

Inspired by their success so far, the team plans to experiment with a Google Play Instant experience by creating an instant-enabled app bundle. By allowing users to try their app first without having to install it across Google search, social networks, and anywhere a link is shared, Fandango hopes to increase installs even more.

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