Hollar increases purchase conversion 20% with Google Play Instant

Hollar aims to be the ultimate mobile destination for cool products with incredible deals starting at $1. Featuring thousands of items from toys and electronics to home, beauty, and apparel – including unique curated gift and party collections – Hollar is all about the joy of discovery.

As a shopping company, Hollar is focused on driving more purchase conversions for every user visit. Seeing the success and performance of instant apps for the eCommerce vertical, they decided to build an instant app focused on improving purchase conversions for their search and ads traffic.

What they did

They partnered with the Google Play Instant and Sand Hill Program teams from early on to follow all the best practices and build a powerful native experience for their instant app. By focusing on building critical features - such as adding to cart and early checkout - they allowed users to experience an end-to-end smooth shopping experience. Integration with Smart Lock for login further reduced friction.

By focusing on traffic from 'Try Now' in the Play Store, links via emails, and search, their instant app traffic quickly grew to become 30% of their Android traffic. They enabled conversion tracking throughout the shopping funnel to precisely understand the user journeys and drop-off points.


Hollar's investments were worthwhile as their purchase conversion increased 20%. The positive result has encouraged Hollar to continue working closely with the Google Play Instant team to enable more traffic sources such as ads, to further unlock the potential of instant apps.

James Ho, VP of Product Development, commented:

"We can say with confidence that our Instant App converts 20% better than mobile web! That's a great metric."

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