Hothead Games boosts Play Store listing conversions and user acquisitions for Mighty Battles with instant apps

Hothead Games is all about making the best games, and are one of the top 100 game developers in the world. They see instant apps as a powerful way to expand the top of their user acquisition funnel and expand their user base.

They built and launched an instant version of Mighty Battles, a real-time multiplayer battle arena game, which you can play by clicking the "Try Now" button on its Play Store listing.

What they did

Hothead Games built an instant experience around a specialized version of the Mighty Battles battle tutorial. They reduced the ~104MB version of the APK to under 9MB in less than three weeks by:

  1. Optimizing art assets
  2. Removing code and libraries
  3. Improving optimization settings and ProGuard rules to reduce the program size

Hothead Games prompts players to install the full game after they complete the instant app's battle tutorial. Players also have the option to replay the tutorial.


Since launching, click-throughs from the details page have more than doubled, with 15% of people clicking the "Try Now" button. Importantly, Hothead Games have observed no changes to install clicks, so the Mighty Battles "Try Now" experience is additive to their user acquisition funnel.

Based on these results, Hothead Games is planning to bring instant app technology to more games.

Oliver Birch, Director of Marketing, commented:

"The Mighty Battles instant app exceeded our performance expectations. We've almost doubled the overall click-through rate on the Mighty Battles Play Store listing, and new user acquisitions are up 19%+. We are planning to expand instant throughout our portfolio of games"

Get started

Instant apps will be broadly available for games in the coming months. Sign up here to apply for the beta and receive more information as it is available.