Health Connect: simplify connectivity between apps

Health and fitness apps record valuable data. With permission from your users, you can unlock the full potential of this data by combining it to generate powerful insights.

Key benefits

Increase efficiency by using a single set of APIs to access a user’s health and fitness data.
Read, write, and aggregate data from various apps and devices.
Build better experiences for billions of users, making it easy for them to control and manage access to their data on a granular level.


Product owner
“Whether it’s with health reports for healthcare professionals or sports performance with their friends, Health Connect by Android is a powerful tool for sharing data while remaining secure, simple, and centralized.”
Senior Android engineer
“Working with the new Health Connect SDK was a pleasure. Integrating the Kotlin SDK provided a more fluent way for building objects and querying data, allowing us to more easily integrate multiple data types.

The new metadata and changes APIs allow for a better experience developing towards consistency across historical data.”

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