Add a button to an app

Learn more concepts in Kotlin—including classes, objects, and conditionals—to create an interactive app for your users.


Classes and object instances in Kotlin


Create a Kotlin program that generates random numbers to simulate rolling dice.

Create an interactive Dice Roller app


Learn how to add a button and modify the activity code of an Android app.

Add conditional behavior in Kotlin


Create a Kotlin program that uses conditionals to compare a user's dice roll with a given lucky number.

Add images to the Dice Roller app


Enhance the user experience by adding images to the Dice Roller app.

Write unit tests


Learn why testing is important, what unit tests look like, how to write unit tests, and how to run them.

Intro to debugging


Learn to read stack traces and familiarize yourself with the debugging tools in Android Studio.

What can you build with these basics?

Video Optional

Learn where you can go from here!

Project: Lemonade app

Status: not started

Use what you've learned in this unit to build a new app in Android Studio, and run a test suite to see that your code works as expected.