Display a scrollable list

Create an app that displays a scrollable list of inspiring text and images using the RecyclerView widget in Android. Along the way, you’ll learn about using lists in Kotlin to store a collection of data.


Affirmations app introduction

Video Optional

Get an introduction to the Affirmations app you will be creating in this pathway.

Use Lists in Kotlin


Learn how to create lists in Kotlin and loop through them.

Use RecyclerView to display a scrollable list


Learn how to efficiently display a list of text in a RecyclerView and understand its architecture.

Display a list of images using cards


Learn how to add images to our scrolling list of affirmations. We’ll also enhance the look of our app’s UI by using MaterialCardView and fine-tuning its theme colors.

Test Lists and Adapters


Learn a little bit more about best practices for testing and how to add testing dependencies. Get more practice writing both unit and instrumentation tests.

Project: Dogglers app


Use your knowledge of layouts to build a scrollable dog photo app in Android Studio, and run tests against your code to make sure everything works as expected.