Many developers have invested in optimizing their apps to work well on the 250M+ active large screen Android and Chrome OS devices. Learn more about some of the experiences they built.

Developer deep-dives


We added fundamental continuity support that makes the app more robust with the ability to handle UI configuration changes required when transitioning foldable screens, using multi-window mode, and more. We also migrated our inset detection logic to use WindowInsetsCompat in AndroidX, which is more performant and reliable especially with multi-window mode and waterfall devices.” - Software Engineering Manager at Snap, Inc.
"Zoom’s mission is to create frictionless video communications experiences, and we want to make sure that Android users with large screen devices have the best possible experience. We want the user interface to feel responsive, and we plan on continuing to optimize the Android app across a wide range of device sizes so users have the best experience on whichever device they choose.” - Software Engineer at Zoom
Since Android has such a large array of device types, investing in support for tablets, foldables, and Chromebooks now helps us better position our product for future device types. Global support of our customers across all devices is extremely important, and we’ve seen growth in sellers using bigger form factors to manage their eBay businesses.” - Matthew Mossman, Android Software Engineer at eBay.

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