Watches enable users to get information at a glance and then take action. These frequent interactions can help users get back to being present in their daily lives.

Create immersive and engaging user experiences on Wear OS to increase app usage and brand loyalty.

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The watch is the ultimate on-body controller that gives people quick access to media or media controls.
Help people live healthier lives by tracking workouts and setting fitness goals.
Enable people to stay connected. Provide a reliable, helpful, and safe messaging experience.

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Learn the fundamentals for designing on Wear OS.
Keep the design principles in mind when designing for Wear OS.
Adopt material styles like color, typography, motion and iconography to make your app feel premium.
Use notifications, complications, tiles and apps to help people get things done.
Reuse proven design patterns and behaviors so users can get things done quickly on the watch.
Leverage small, commonly used, interactive, UI building blocks. Learn more about using Wear OS’s Material Design components.
Make your experiences work for everyone.
Create an adaptive design for your app, allowing users to enjoy your app on a variety of screen sizes.

Explore our kits

Explore our other Figma-based library kits, plugins, and the Material theme builder. Start building your Android app with modern themes, tools and user-generated dynamic color, or check out our Mobile kits and TV kits to build for other devices.
Use the Wear Material design kit to create your own wearable components, styles and layouts. Download the file and import it directly into Figma.
Use the Tile design kit to see Tile templates and component examples.

Use proven design patterns

Enhance your user experience by using Rotary input to allow your user to quickly accomplish various tasks.
Fitness & Health
Enable your app to utilize accurate data to improve fitness experiences, such as GPS position and heart rate tracking.
Enable your users to choose the audio output device before the media starts.
Use our recommended tile layouts to help your users quickly complete actions.

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Use our developer guides and API reference to learn how to build Wear OS apps.
Assess the quality of your app by using our checklist.

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