Use TensorFlow Lite on Android

Essentials for deploying high performance, custom ML features into your Android app.

TensorFlow Lite for ML runtime: Use TensorFlow Lite via Google Play services, Android’s official ML inference runtime, to run high-performance ML inference in your app. Learn more

Hardware Acceleration with TensorFlow Lite Delegates: Use TensorFlow Lite Delegates distributed via Google Play services to run accelerated ML on specialized hardware such as GPU, NPU, or DSP. This may help you deliver more fluid, lower latency user experiences to your users by accessing advanced on-device compute capabilities.

We currently provide support for GPU and NNAPI delegates and we’re working with partners to provide access to their custom delegates via Google Play Services, to support advanced use cases. Learn more

Enabled by Google Play Services: Use Google Play Services to access the TensorFlow Lite runtime and delegates. This ensures use of the latest stable versions while minimizing impact to your app’s binary size. Learn more

Code samples

Review the TensorFlow Lite Android code samples and test ML features on your device.

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TensorFlow Lite Quickstart

Download the example code and get started with TensorFlow Lite and Android.

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Acceleration Service Beta

The Acceleration Service API enables you to safely pick the optimal hardware acceleration configuration at runtime without having to worry about the underlying device hardware and drivers.

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