Release notes

12L DP1

Release date: October 27, 2021
Build: SPP4.211001.003
Emulator support: x86 (64-bit), ARM (v8-A)
Security patch level: October 2021
Google Play services: 21.24.23
API diff:

About 12L Developer Preview 1

Welcome to the 12L Preview! Developer Preview 1 is for developers only, to help with early development, testing, and feedback. Developer Preview 1 is also an early baseline build that’s still in active development, so the Android system and apps running on it might not always work as expected. In general, most apps will work as expected, as will most APIs and features, but please review the known issues listed on this page to get a better idea of what to expect.

How to get Developer Preview 1

12L is available through the Android emulator for development and testing. See Get 12L for details on how to get started.

General advisories

Please be aware of these general notes about the release:

  • This release might have various stability, battery, or performance issues.
  • For users with accessibility needs, this release might not be appropriate for daily use.
  • Some apps might not function as expected when running on this release. This includes Google’s apps as well as other apps.
  • 12L Developer Preview builds are not Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) approved, but they have passed preliminary testing and provide a stable set of pre-release APIs for developers. Apps that depend on CTS-approved builds or use SafetyNet APIs might not work normally on 12L builds.

Get support

Two primary support channels are available to you when developing and testing with the 12L Developer Preview. The channel you should use to get support depends on where you are encountering your issue.

Support for issues with devices, system issues, and issues with Google apps

Use the Developer Preview issue tracker to create new issues and to view and track issues that you and other developers have submitted. Before creating your own issue, check the known issues listed on this page and search the lists of top open issues and recently created issues to see if someone else has already reported it. You can subscribe and vote for an issue by clicking star this issue .

See Where to report issues to find an issue template that best matches the type of issue that you are encountering.

Support for issues with other apps

Contact the app developer directly.

Support for issues with Android Studio, the Android Emulator, or other tools

See the Report a bug page in the Android Studio documentation for details on how to submit a bug for these issues.

To discuss issues or ideas with other developers working with the 12L Preview, join the android_beta community on Reddit.

Known issues

Based on our testing, you might encounter the following issues when using 12L Developer Preview 1. These issues are already known, so there’s no need to file additional reports for similar issues.

Google apps

  • The Settings app does not display using a List Detail layout on large screens. To work around this issue, navigate to Settings > System > Developer options > Feature flags and enable settings_support_large_screen.

Android Studio and tools

  • When using the Android Emulator with a resizable device definition and a display mode other than a foldable, a long-press does not show or hide the taskbar. Normally, users can show or hide the 12L taskbar by long pressing it, regardless of screen size.