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Android 12 features and changes list

The following table lists all documented features and behavior changes that might affect app developers. Use this list to find changes that affect you, and then click on the corresponding link to read the documentation.

Category Type Name
Compatibility Change (apps targeting 12+) Updated non-SDK restrictions
Compatibility Feature Updated toggles for compatibility testing
Connectivity Feature Keeping companion apps awake
Connectivity Feature Bandwidth estimation improvements
Connectivity Feature Wi-Fi Aware (NAN) Enhancements
Connectivity Feature STA+STA connectivity support
Graphics and images Feature Easier blurs, color filters and other effects
Graphics and images Feature Native animated image decode
Graphics and images Feature AVIF image support
Media Feature Compatible media transcoding
Media Feature MediaDrm updates
Performance Change (apps targeting 12+) Foreground service launch restrictions
Privacy Change (all apps) Netlink MAC restriction
Privacy Change (apps targeting 12+) Motion sensors are rate-limited
Privacy Change (apps targeting 12+) Modern SameSite cookies in WebView
Privacy Change (apps targeting 12+) adb backup restriction
Security Change (all apps) Untrusted touch events are blocked
Security Change (all apps) Apps can't close system dialogs
Security Change (apps targeting 12+) Safer component exporting
Security Change (apps targeting 12+) Pending intents mutability
Security Change (apps targeting 12+) Nested intent launches
Security Change (apps targeting 12+) Notification trampoline restrictions
Security Feature Hide application overlay windows
Security Feature Device properties attestation
Security Feature App digest API
Security Feature Secure lockscreen notification actions
Security Feature Known signers permission protection flag
UX Change (all apps) Foreground service notifications UX delay
UX Change (apps targeting 12+) Custom notifications deprecation
UX Feature Rounded corner APIs
UX Feature Picture in Picture (PIP) improvements
UX Feature Audio-coupled haptic effect
UX Feature Rich content insertion
UX Feature Immersive mode improvements for gesture nav