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These are the API classes. See all API packages.


AccountIdentifiers Account identifiers that were specified when the purchase was made. 
AcknowledgePurchaseParams Parameters to acknowledge a purchase. 
AcknowledgePurchaseParams.Builder Helps construct AcknowledgePurchaseParams that are used to acknowledge a purchase. 
AcknowledgePurchaseResponseListener Listener for the result of an acknowledge purchase request. 


BillingClient Main interface for communication between the library and user application code. 
BillingClient.BillingResponseCode Possible response codes. 
BillingClient.Builder Builder to configure and create a BillingClient instance. 
BillingClient.ConnectionState Connection state of billing client. 
BillingClient.FeatureType Features/capabilities supported by BillingClient.isFeatureSupported(String)
BillingClient.SkuType Supported SKU types. 
BillingClientStateListener Callback for setup process. 
BillingFlowParams Parameters to initiate a purchase flow. 
BillingFlowParams.Builder Helps to construct BillingFlowParams that are used to initiate a purchase flow. 
BillingFlowParams.ProrationMode Replace SKU ProrationMode. 
BillingFlowParams.SubscriptionUpdateParams Params that describe a subscription update. 
BillingFlowParams.SubscriptionUpdateParams.Builder Helps to construct BillingFlowParams.SubscriptionUpdateParams
BillingResult Params containing the response code and the debug message from In-app Billing API response. 
BillingResult.Builder Helps to construct BillingResult that are used to return response from In-app Billing API. 


ConsumeParams Parameters to consume a purchase. 
ConsumeParams.Builder Helps construct ConsumeParams that are used to consume a purchase. 
ConsumeResponseListener Callback that notifies when a consumption operation finishes. 


PriceChangeConfirmationListener Listener to a result of the price change confirmation flow. 
PriceChangeFlowParams Parameters to launch a price change confirmation flow. 
PriceChangeFlowParams.Builder Helps construct PriceChangeFlowParams that are used to launch a price change confirmation flow. 
ProxyBillingActivity An invisible activity that launches another billing-related activity and delivers parsed result to the BillingClient via ResultReceiver
Purchase Represents an in-app billing purchase. 
Purchase.PurchasesResult Result list and response code for BillingClient.queryPurchases(String) method. 
Purchase.PurchaseState Possible purchase states. 
PurchaseHistoryRecord Represents an in-app billing purchase history record. 
PurchaseHistoryResponseListener Listener to a result of purchase history query. 
PurchasesResponseListener Listener to a result of purchases query. 
PurchasesUpdatedListener Listener interface for purchase updates which happen when, for example, the user buys something within the app or by initiating a purchase from Google Play Store. 


SkuDetails Represents an in-app product's or subscription's listing details. 
SkuDetailsParams Parameters to initiate a query for SKU details. 
SkuDetailsParams.Builder Helps to construct SkuDetailsParams that are used to query for SKU details. 
SkuDetailsResponseListener Listener to a result of SKU details query.