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Get everything you need to develop and deliver games on Android: tools, downloads, samples, libraries, and guidance.

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Enable your players to experience immersive and seamless cross-platform gameplay. Grow your business by distributing your games easily across mobile, tablets, Chromebooks, and Windows PCs.
Get your game on—on large screens for a more visual, more interactive, more immersive gaming experience.

Core workflow

Get this set of tools and libraries that help you develop Android games while integrating with existing platforms and workflows.
Analyze the impact your game has on Android devices by using this powerful graphics profiler, so you can identify performance issues and areas to optimize.
Add social and competitive game services such as profiles, leaderboards, and achievements, and then deploy your Android game through the Google Play store.

Highlighted resources

Find all your tools in one place.
Find sample apps and example code.
Follow guided, step-by-step codelabs to complete game development tasks.

Developer stories

How game developers are finding success with Android tools.
Using the Android Games Development Kit, they reduced their ANRs by %35.
Using the Android Game Development Extension (AGDE), they added Android build targets to their Visual Studio projects.
By optimizing for ChromeOS, they gained 6 times as many players.

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Find stats and analysis for game development businesses.
Get the latest news and tips to grow your games.
See our latest blogs, videos, programs, community, and support resources.
An invite-only forum for Insiders partners to collaborate and receive technical insights and guidance from the developer community and Googlers.