A selection of code samples to accelerate your game development.

Android Games Development Kit (AGDK)

Review a game based on the NDK Endless Tunnel sample, a sample that shows the Game Controller library using the GameActivity library, and a sample that shows the Game Controller library using the NativeActivity library. Useful for visualizing how a paired controller interacts on your device.

Android Game Development Extension (AGDE)

Review a sample that uses linked assembly, a minimal Hello World JNI example, and an example of a multiplatform project with build targets for both Android and Microsoft Windows.

Android Device Performance Framework (ADPF)

Review a sample app that displays the device's thermal status using the getThermalHeadroom API and the thermal state monitoring API. The app also dynamically changes the workload based on the API's hint, and uses the PerformanceHintManager API to control render thread performance.

Game Mode API

Review a sample app that highlights how to optimize FPS and render resolution caps to save 25% power in your apps.

Google Play Games Unity

Automate routines for Google Play Games development with Unity.