Support and Release Notes

Two primary support channels are available to you when developing and testing with the Android 11 Developer Preview.

  • Please file bugs at for device-specific, system, and Google App bugs. Please search for existing bugs that match your issue before filing your own. You can indicate that you're also encountering an issue by clicking the star button.
  • For issues in other apps, please contact the developer directly.

To discuss issues or ideas with other developers working with the Android 11 Developer Preview, join the android_beta community on Reddit.

Android 11 Developer Preview 1

Date: February 19, 2020
Build: RPP1.200123.016
Emulator support: x86 (32/64-bit)
Security patch level: March 2020
Google Play services: 20.04.14
API diff:

Welcome to Android 11 Developer Preview! This release is for developers only, to help with early development, testing, and feedback. Android 11 Developer Preview 1 is an early baseline build that's still in active development, so the Android system and apps running on it may not always work as expected.

Android 11 includes behavior changes to help improve performance, battery life, security, and privacy. In some cases, these can affect apps until they are updated to support Android 11, so you might see impacts ranging from minor issues to more significant functionality limitations. In general, most apps will work as expected, as will most APIs and features, but please review the known issues listed below to get a better idea of what to expect.

You can install this release on any Pixel 2/XL, Pixel 3/XL, Pixel 3a/XL, and Pixel 4/XL device for development and testing, or you can use the Android emulator. See Get Android 11 for details on how to get started.

General advisories

Please be aware of these general notes about the release:

  • This release may have various stability, battery, or performance issues on supported devices.
  • For users with accessibility needs, this release may not be appropriate for daily use.
  • Some apps may not function as expected when running on this release. This includes Google’s apps as well as other apps.
  • Android 11 Developer Preview builds are not Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)-approved, but they have passed preliminary testing and provide a stable set of pre-release APIs for developers. Apps that depend on CTS-approved builds might not work normally on Android 11 Developer Preview 1.
  • Android 11 Developer Preview builds are available on Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4 XL.

Known issues, Android platform

SafetyNet Attestation

  • For the Developer Preview 1 builds on Pixel devices, SafetyNet approvals are still pending but they are expected soon. Apps that depend on SafetyNet attestation might not initially work, but as soon as the builds are approved, they should begin working normally.


  • For apps with targetSdkVersion="R", making back-to-back permissions requests that include ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION and any other dangerous permission groups will generate a security exception.

Android Enterprise

  • On Google Pixel 3a devices, the Google Services Terms of Service screen loops during NFC provisioning.
  • Work profile security challenge:
    • Max password failures and strong authentication timeout aren’t enforced.
    • Requests for users to set a new work profile password fail.
    • UI text in the lock screen is incorrect.
    • Work profile lock pattern isn’t displayed as it’s entered.
    • Screen capture in the lock screen isn’t blocked.
  • Recent location requests from work apps don’t appear in Settings > Location > Work.
  • Work apps running in the foreground don’t re-open properly after the screen is shut off or the work profile lock screen times out.
  • Text selection in recent apps doesn’t work for work profile apps

Known issues, Android Studio and tools

  • For apps wanting to use NDK APIs in Android 11: Apps using minSdkVersion="R" should note that Android Gradle Plugin maps "R" to "29", which results in the R NDK APIs not being found. A fixed version of the Android Gradle plugin will be released shortly. Until then, R NDK APIs cannot be used in Android Gradle builds. Non-Gradle builds can still use these APIs by targeting API 30.

  • To compile and use Android 11 SDK APIs, set the following in your app's build.gradle file:

    compileSdkVersion: 'android-R'
    buildToolsVersion: "30.0.0 rc1"
    targetSdkVersion: 'R'

Known issues, Android Auto


Users might experience intermittent UI/UX issues when using Android Auto on Android R.

  • The icons on the Android Auto facet bar may overlap other icons.
  • The current time on the Android Auto UI may overlap with other items on the UI.
  • When the night light mode is activated on the Android device, it may also turn the Android Auto UI into night light mode.


Users might experience intermittent Google Assistant issues when using Android Auto. However, these are not specific to Android R.

  • When a user triggers Assistant either from the soft button on the Android Auto UI or from the hard button on the steering wheel, the Assistant voice plate may come up but it wont take any voice input from the user or may return an error that voice is unavailable or network connectivity is low.


Users might experience intermittent crashes when using Android Auto. However, these are not specific to Android R.

  • A crash on Android Auto may occur when the Bluetooth connection is being established between the car and the phone. This occurs after Android Auto projection is setup and the phone tries to pair and establish Bluetooth connection with the vehicle.
  • A crash on Android Auto may occur during connectivity when the USB connection happens before the car head unit has completely booted up.


Users might experience intermittent telephony issues when using Android Auto on Android R. Due to code refactoring on Android R, there may be issues with telephony.

  • A user might experience an issue with being able to place or end phone calls when using Android Auto.

Users might experience intermittent navigation issues when using Android Auto on Android R.

  • A user might experience an issue with being unable to end navigation on Android Auto.