Google Play's integrity and signing services help you to ensure that users experience your apps and games in the way you intend.

Partners using Play Integrity API

Play Integrity API

Call the Integrity API at important moments in your app to check that user actions and requests are coming from your unmodified app binary, installed by Google Play, running on a genuine Android device. Your app’s backend server can decide what to do next to prevent abuse, unauthorized access, and attacks.
Learn how Play Integrity API works, review security considerations and recommended practices, and get started with your integration.
Learn how to set up your app or game to use the Play Integrity API.
See the Play Integrity API reference.
Test your integration and learn how to generate responses from any device for debugging and troubleshooting.

Automatic integrity protection

Turn on automatic integrity protection to defend against tampering and redistribution of your app. Google Play adds runtime checks that are hard to remove. You don't need to make changes to your code, and protections work without a data connection.
View the help center page to learn more about using automatic integrity protection.
You can turn on protection in your Google Play Console. This feature is currently only available to select Play partners.

Play App Signing

Play App Signing manages and protects your app signing key on Google’s secure infrastructure and offers upgrade options to increase security. Google Play uses your app signing key to generate optimized, distribution APKs from your Android App Bundles.
Learn about key concepts related to app signing, how to sign your app using Android Studio, and how to configure Play App Signing.
Learn more about using Play App Signing in the Google Play Console help center.
Learn how to start using a new, cryptographically stronger signing key in the Google Play Console help center.
See the Android App Bundle documentation.