Additional tools and support

The following tools and resources will help you make the most of the Play Integrity API as part of your anti-abuse strategy.

Monitor Play Integrity API status

The Play status dashboard shows status information for the Play Integrity API. Information will be posted about service status including any disruptions and outages. If you're experiencing an issue not listed on the page, please contact Google Play developer support.

Test different Play Integrity API responses with your app

You can create tests to evaluate how the Play Integrity API interacts with your app. For email addresses you specify, you can decide what integrity response they should get in your app from Google Play's servers. This allows you to test how your app reacts to all possible responses.

You can set up a test in your Play Console. In the Release section of the left menu, go to App integrity. Next to Play Integrity API, click Settings and find Testing to get started. For detailed instructions, see the Play Console help center.

Note that for test responses an additional testingDetails field appears in the returned payload.

testingDetails: {
  isTestingResponse: true

Check the device integrity verdict from any device

If you need to verify what integrity verdict the Play Integrity API returns for your app on a particular device—for example, while debugging or troubleshooting a user-reported issue—you can use the Play Store app to generate a Play Integrity API verdict for that device.

First, enable the Play Store's developer options on the device. Tap your profile icon and then tap Settings. Open the About menu and tap the row labeled Play Store version seven times to unlock developer mode.

Then, to generate a verdict from an Android device, open the Play Store app. Tap your profile icon and then tap Settings. Open the General menu and then tap Developer options. In Play Integrity settings, tap Check integrity to generate a verdict.

Consider end to end Enterprise fraud solutions

Enterprise customers looking for a complete fraud and bot management solution can purchase reCAPTCHA Enterprise for mobile, which includes SDKs for Android that provide fraud risk scores to developers. reCAPTCHA Enterprise automatically includes Play Integrity API signals, and combines them with reCAPTCHA network and application signals for customers, providing a frictionless, invisible fraud management solution out of the box. It can also provide protection for Android apps where Play Integrity API is not available.

Get support

To report an unexpected Play Integrity API verdict, please submit an issue with all of the information requested.

To ask questions or to provide feedback about the Play Integrity API, you can either:

  • Contact Google Play developer support directly from your Play Console.
  • Complete this form in the Play Console Help Center.

If you're requesting to increase the number of daily requests your app makes, it can take up to a week. We strongly recommend monitoring your Play Integrity API usage in your Google Play Console or in your Google Cloud Console, where you can also set up quota alerts, to avoid interruptions to your service.