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TIER 2 — Large screen optimized

To users, the user interface is the app. The UI determines the user experience, which determines user satisfaction, app usage, app purchases, customer retention.

Large screens offer expansive display space for innovative, accommodative UIs that provide a UX small screens can't replicate.

Optimize your app for large screens by including the following UI elements:

  • Navigation rail or navigation drawer
  • Large touch targets
  • Well-placed menus and dialogs
  • Multipane layouts

Adaptive layouts

Create adaptive layouts that optimize your app's UI on screens large and small. Design and build for multiple form factors simultaneously. Future-proof your app for new device types.

Canonical layouts

Take advantage of proven large screen layouts to make your app UX exceptional. Create a list‑detail, supporting pane, or feed layout to make more content more manageable and more enjoyable.

Next steps

To learn about UI development for optimized UX, see the following developer guides: