Android Baseline profile

Today, Google announced the release of the Android Baseline 2021 profile for Vulkan.

A pain point we consistently hear from developers is the difficulty of determining what functionality can be relied upon across the diverse set of Android devices.

The Android Baseline profile addresses this pain point with a Vulkan Profile that specifies a set of Vulkan extensions, features, formats, and limits that are found on the vast majority of active Android devices. The profile was created with available data and discussions with Khronos partners to be maximally compatible with both existing and future devices and represents the most advanced set of Vulkan functionality that meets these constraints.

We encourage you to read through the full Android Baseline profile on Github.

For example, the Android Baseline 2021 profile requires full support of:

  • Compressed textures through ASTC and ETC
  • Variable colorspaces through VK_EXT_swapchain_colorspace
  • Sample shading and multisample interpolation through sampleRateShading

We expect the vast majority of Android devices currently in use to support the profile without need for an over-the-air update.

We’ll be broadcasting the percentage of Android support for the Android Baseline profile to the Android Distribution Dashboard at

Google is committing to a 2022 refresh of the profile later this year, with later refreshes on an as-needed basis, as determined by developers, partners, and users.