API Reference for the Google Play Plugins for Unity

These are the API reference pages for the Google Play Plugins for Unity.


AndroidAppBundle Provides utilities related to Android App Bundle.
AndroidBuildHelper Provides helper methods for accessing or persisting build-related settings.
AssetBundleBuilder Provides helper methods for building AssetBundles with various texture compression formats.
AssetPack Contains configuration about an asset pack including its AssetPackDeliveryMode and the location on disk of the files that should be included in the pack.
AssetPackConfig Configuration for all asset packs that will be packaged in an Android App Bundle.
AssetPackConfigSerializer Provides methods for serializing AssetPackConfig to a JSON file and for deserializing the config.
Bundletool Helper to build Android App Bundle files suitable for publishing on Google Play Console.
AppUpdateInfo Contains information about in-app update availability and installation progress.
AppUpdateManager Manages operations for requesting and launching an in-app update flow.
AppUpdateOptions Options used to configure an in-app update, including AppUpdateType.
AppUpdateRequest A CustomYieldInstruction used to monitor an ongoing in-app update.
AssetLocation Wraps Play Core's AssetLocation which represents the location of an Asset within an asset pack on disk.
PlayAssetBundleRequest A CustomYieldInstruction used to monitor the asynchronous retrieval of an asset pack containing an AssetBundle.
PlayAssetDelivery Provides methods for retrieving asset packs via the Play Asset Delivery system.
PlayAssetPackBatchRequest A CustomYieldInstruction used to monitor the asynchronous retrieval of a batch of asset packs.
PlayAssetPackRequest A CustomYieldInstruction used to monitor the asynchronous retrieval of an asset pack.
GooglePlayBillingBuildHelper Helper class to address building issues of GooglePlayBilling Plugin.
GooglePlayBillingBuildSettings A window for making changes that related to building the app.
GooglePlayBillingMenu Provides "Play Billing" menu items for the Unity Editor.
GooglePlayStoreUnsupportedException Thrown if the request is not supported by GooglePlayBilling plugin.
LoadingBar A loading bar that can be used to display download progress to the user.
LoadingScreen Downloads the AssetBundle available at AssetBundleUrl and updates LoadingBar with its progress.
ScrollingFillAnimator A UI component that scrolls a tiled texture horizontally.
PlayAsyncOperation< TResult, TError > Represents an asynchronous operation that produces a result upon completion.
UnityPlayerHelper Helper methods related to the UnityPlayer Java class.
VoidResult An empty class used as a type parameter for any PlayAsyncOperation{TResult,TError} that doesn't produce a result.
CookieApi Provides methods that an instant app can use to store a persistent cookie or that an installed app can use to retrieve the cookie that it persisted as an instant app.
CookieApiException An exception thrown by the methods of CookieApi if there is a failure while making a call to GooglePlay Services.
PlayInstantBuildSettings Provides methods for accessing and persisting PlayInstant build settings.
GooglePlayInstantUtils Methods and constants that are specific to GooglePlayInstant and/or the plugin.
InstallLauncher Provides methods that an instant app can use to display a Play Store install dialog.
PlaySignatureVerifier Provides methods that verify whether a package's signature matches the expected value.
IntegrityManager Manages requests for integrity information.
IntegrityTokenRequest Request for IntegrityManager.RequestIntegrityToken.
IntegrityTokenResponse Response for IntegrityManager.RequestIntegrityToken.
PrepareIntegrityTokenRequest Request for StandardIntegrityManager.PrepareIntegrityToken.
StandardIntegrityManager Manages requests for integrity information.
StandardIntegrityToken Response of StandardIntegrityTokenProvider.Request.
StandardIntegrityTokenProvider Standard integrity token provider.
StandardIntegrityTokenRequest Request for StandardIntegrityTokenProvider.Request.
PlayReviewInfo A wrapper around the Java ReviewInfo class.
ReviewManager Manages operations for requesting and launching the In-App Review flow.