Additional resources for Java users learning Kotlin

Here's a list of additional learning resources that can help you learn to do even more with Kotlin.



  • Hello World - An interactive tutorial by JetBrains that illustrates Kotlin features and syntax.


  • Refactoring to Kotlin: Learn how to refactor your code from Java to Kotlin. You'll also learn Kotlin language conventions along with how to ensure that the code you write follows them.
  • Java friendly Kotlin: This codelab shows you how to write or adapt Kotlin code to make it more seamlessly callable from Java code.


Articles and blog posts

Social channels

  • Kotlin community: This page lists additional Kotlin-focused events and groups.
  • Kotlin on Slack: Use this link to sign up for the Kotlin Slack channel, where you can discuss all things Kotlin with other enthusiasts.
  • Talking Kotlin: Bi-monthly podcast with a focus on the Kotlin language.
  • Kotlin on Twitter: This is the official Twitter account for Kotlin.


  • Android development with Kotlin: Learn how to make Android development much faster using a variety of Kotlin features, from basics to advanced, to write better quality code.
  • Kotlin in Action: This book teaches experienced Java developers how to use Kotlin to write production-quality apps.
  • Kotlin for Android developers: One of the first books about Kotlin, this book shows existing Android developers how to write their app in Kotlin.