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AndroidViewModel Application context aware ViewModel


ColumnInfo Allows specific customization about the column associated with this field. 
ColumnInfo.SQLiteTypeAffinity The SQLite column type constants that can be used in typeAffinity()  
CountingTaskExecutorRule A JUnit Test Rule that swaps the background executor used by the Architecture Components with a different one which counts the tasks as they are start and finish. 


Dao Marks the class as a Data Access Object. 
Database Marks a class as a RoomDatabase. 
DatabaseConfiguration Configuration class for a RoomDatabase
DataSource<Key, Value> Base class for incremental data loading, used in list paging. 
DataSource.InvalidatedCallback Invalidation callback for DataSource. 
DefaultLifecycleObserver Callback interface for listening to LifecycleOwner state changes. 
Delete Marks a method in a Dao annotated class as a delete method. 
DiffCallback<T> Callback that informs PagedListAdapterHelper how to compute list updates when using DiffUtil on a background thread. 


Embedded Can be used as an annotation on a field of an Entity or Pojo to signal that nested fields (i.e. 
EmptyResultSetException Thrown by Room when the query needs to return a result (e.g. 
Entity Marks a class as an entity. 


ForeignKey Declares a foreign key on another Entity
ForeignKey.Action Constants definition for values that can be used in onDelete() and onUpdate()
FrameworkSQLiteOpenHelperFactory Implements SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Factory using the SQLite implementation in the framework. 
Function<I, O> Represents a function. 


Ignore Ignores the marked element from Room's processing logic. 
Index Declares an index on an Entity. 
Insert Marks a method in a Dao annotated class as an insert method. 
InstantTaskExecutorRule A JUnit Test Rule that swaps the background executor used by the Architecture Components with a different one which executes each task synchronously. 
InvalidationTracker InvalidationTracker keeps a list of tables modified by queries and notifies its callbacks about these tables. 
InvalidationTracker.Observer An observer that can listen for changes in the database. 


KeyedDataSource<Key, Value> Incremental data loader for paging keyed content, where loaded content uses previously loaded items as input to future loads. 


Lifecycle Defines an object that has an Android Lifecycle. 
Lifecycle.State Lifecycle states. 
LifecycleActivity This class is deprecated. Use instead of this class.  
LifecycleFragment This class is deprecated. Use Fragment instead of it.  
LifecycleObserver Marks a class as a LifecycleObserver. 
LifecycleOwner A class that has an Android lifecycle. 
LifecycleRegistry An implementation of Lifecycle that can handle multiple observers. 
LifecycleRegistryOwner This interface was deprecated in API level 1.0.0. Use which extends LifecycleOwner, so there are no use cases for this class.  
LifecycleService A Service that is also a LifecycleOwner
ListAdapter<T, VH extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder> RecyclerView.Adapter base class for presenting List data in a RecyclerView, including computing diffs between Lists on a background thread. 
ListAdapterConfig<T> Configuration object for ListAdapter, ListAdapterHelper, and similar background-thread list diffing adapter logic. 
ListAdapterConfig.Builder<T> Builder class for ListAdapterConfig
ListAdapterHelper<T> Helper object for displaying a List in RecyclerView.Adapter, which signals the adapter of changes when the List is changed by computing changes with DiffUtil in the background. 
LiveData<T> LiveData is a data holder class that can be observed within a given lifecycle. 
LiveDataReactiveStreams Adapts LiveData input and output to the ReactiveStreams spec. 
LivePagedListProvider<Key, Value> Provides a LiveData<PagedList>, given a means to construct a DataSource. 


MediatorLiveData<T> LiveData subclass which may observer other LiveData objects and react on OnChanged events from them. 
Migration Base class for a database migration. 
MigrationTestHelper A class that can be used in your Instrumentation tests that can create the database in an older schema. 
MutableLiveData<T> LiveData which publicly exposes setValue(T) and postValue(T) method. 


Observer<T> A simple callback that can receive from LiveData
OnConflictStrategy Set of conflict handling strategies for various Dao methods. 


PagedList<T> Lazy loading list that pages in content from a DataSource
PagedList.Builder<Key, Value> Builder class for PagedList. 
PagedList.Callback Callback signaling when content is loaded into the list. 
PagedList.Config Configures how a PagedList loads content from its DataSource. 
PagedList.Config.Builder Builder class for PagedList.Config
PagedListAdapter<T, VH extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder> RecyclerView.Adapter base class for presenting paged data from PagedLists in a RecyclerView
PagedListAdapterHelper<T> Helper object for mapping a PagedList into a RecyclerView.Adapter
PrimaryKey Marks a field in an Entity as the primary key. 
ProcessLifecycleOwner Class that provides lifecycle for the whole application process. 


Query Marks a method in a Dao annotated class as a query method. 


Relation A convenience annotation which can be used in a Pojo to automatically fetch relation entities. 
Room Utility class for Room. 
RoomDatabase Base class for all Room databases. 
RoomDatabase.Builder<T extends RoomDatabase> Builder for RoomDatabase. 
RoomDatabase.Callback Callback for RoomDatabase
RoomDatabase.MigrationContainer A container to hold migrations. 
RoomWarnings The list of warnings that are produced by Room. 
RxRoom Helper class to add RxJava2 support to Room. 


ServiceLifecycleDispatcher Helper class to dispatch lifecycle events for a service. 
SimpleSQLiteQuery A basic implemtation of SupportSQLiteQuery which receives a query and its args and binds args based on the passed in Object type. 
SkipQueryVerification Skips database verification for the annotated element. 
StringUtil String utilities for Room  
SupportSQLiteDatabase A database abstraction which removes the framework dependency and allows swapping underlying sql versions. 
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper An interface to map the behavior of SQLiteOpenHelper
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Callback Handles various lifecycle events for the SQLite connection, similar to SQLiteOpenHelper
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Configuration The configuration to create an SQLite open helper object using SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Factory
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Configuration.Builder Builder class for SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Configuration
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Factory Factory class to create instances of SupportSQLiteOpenHelper using SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Configuration
SupportSQLiteProgram An interface to map the behavior of SQLiteProgram
SupportSQLiteQuery A query with typed bindings. 
SupportSQLiteQueryBuilder A simple query builder to create SQL SELECT queries. 
SupportSQLiteStatement An interface to map the behavior of SQLiteStatement


TiledDataSource<Type> Position-based data loader for fixed size, arbitrary positioned loading. 
Transaction Marks a method in an abstract Dao class as a transaction method. 
Transformations Transformations for a LiveData class. 
TypeConverter Marks a method as a type converter. 
TypeConverters Specifies additional type converters that Room can use. 


Update Marks a method in a Dao annotated class as an update method. 


ViewModel ViewModel is a class that is responsible for preparing and managing the data for an Activity or a Fragment
ViewModelProvider An utility class that provides ViewModels for a scope. 
ViewModelProvider.Factory Implementations of Factory interface are responsible to instantiate ViewModels. 
ViewModelProvider.NewInstanceFactory Simple factory, which calls empty constructor on the give class. 
ViewModelProviders Utilities methods for ViewModelStore class. 
ViewModelProviders.DefaultFactory ViewModelProvider.Factory which may create AndroidViewModel and ViewModel, which have an empty constructor. 
ViewModelStore Class to store ViewModels
ViewModelStoreOwner A scope that owns ViewModelStore
ViewModelStores Factory methods for ViewModelStore class. 
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