Added in API level 29


CarPropertyManager.AsyncPropertyRequest An async get/set property request. 
CarPropertyManager.CarPropertyEventCallback Application registers CarPropertyEventCallback object to receive updates and changes to subscribed Vehicle specific properties. 
CarPropertyManager.GetPropertyCallback A callback CarPropertyManager#getPropertiesAsync when succeeded or failed. 
CarPropertyManager.SetPropertyCallback A callback CarPropertyManager#setPropertiesAsync when succeeded or failed. 


AreaIdConfig<T> Represents area ID specific configuration information for a vehicle property. 
CarPropertyManager Provides an application interface for interacting with the Vehicle specific properties. 
CarPropertyManager.GetPropertyRequest A request for CarPropertyManager#getPropertiesAsync(List, long, CancellationSignal, Executor, GetPropertyCallback)
CarPropertyManager.GetPropertyResult<T> A successful result for GetPropertyCallback
CarPropertyManager.PropertyAsyncError An error result for GetPropertyCallback or SetPropertyCallback
CarPropertyManager.SetPropertyRequest<T> A request for CarPropertyManager#setPropertiesAsync(List, long, CancellationSignal, Executor, SetPropertyCallback)
CarPropertyManager.SetPropertyResult A successful result for SetPropertyCallback
EvChargeState Possible EV charge states of a vehicle. 
EvChargingConnectorType Uses IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission) 62196 and other standards to denote the charging connector type an electric vehicle may use. 
EvRegenerativeBrakingState Possible EV regenerative braking states of a vehicle. 
LocationCharacterization Used by VehiclePropertyIds.LOCATION_CHARACTERIZATION to enumerate the supported bit flags. 
PropertyNotAvailableErrorCode Detailed error codes used in vehicle HAL interface. 
VehicleElectronicTollCollectionCardStatus Used by VehiclePropertyIds.ELECTRONIC_TOLL_COLLECTION_CARD_STATUS to enumerate ETC(electronic toll collection) card types in the vehicle. 
VehicleElectronicTollCollectionCardType Used by VehiclePropertyIds.ELECTRONIC_TOLL_COLLECTION_CARD_TYPE to enumerate ETC(electronic toll collection) card types in the vehicle. 


CarInternalErrorException Exception thrown when something unexpected happened in cars. 
PropertyAccessDeniedSecurityException Exception thrown when cars denied the access of properties. 
PropertyNotAvailableAndRetryException Exception thrown when device that associated with the vehicle property is temporarily not available. 
PropertyNotAvailableException Exception thrown when the vehicle property is not available because of the current state of the vehicle.