Car ready mobile apps

The Car ready mobile apps program is an upcoming program to distribute eligible mobile apps in the video, games, and browsers categories without any developer work. Eligible apps will be available for use on Android Auto as well as for download on the Google Play Store on Android Automotive OS vehicles with Google built-in.


To be eligible for distribution through this program, your app must meet all of the Car ready quality guidelines for your app's category. If your app does not already meet some of these guidelines – AN-1, for example – they may still be met when your app is run in the compatibility container used to run apps distributed through the program.

Opt in to the program

Google is proactively reviewing apps that are adaptive and large screen compatible to ensure safety and compatibility in cars. If your app qualifies, we will automatically opt it in for distribution through the program when it launches.

Opt out of the program

If your app is determined by Google to be eligible to for distribution through the program, but you don't want your app to participate, there will be an option to opt out of the program.