Launch and latency

Design your app's launching experience with care, as this is the first thing users encounter.


When launching your app, keep the following principles in mind.

Optimize performance

Invest in the performance of your app, as it can be uncomfortable to keep the wrist up while waiting for content to load.

Indicate activity

Reassuring users that the system is actively working on their requests can increase their tolerance for delays.

Build gradually

Display static elements first and gradually build content as it becomes available. This can make the wait feel shorter. For example, show text elements, actionable buttons, and placeholder UI first, while the rest of the content loads.

Don’t show dynamic elements when the layout, shape or format of the content is unpredictable.

Branded launch

Display the app icon in the Window background, so users see the app icon first. This improves brand recognition and is one way to show progress. Use a black window background with the app icon. The app icon must be a 48x48dp circular icon that is positioned in the center of the watch face.