Display emoji in current and older devices.
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January 27, 2021 1.1.0 - - 1.2.0-alpha03


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Version 1.2.0-alpha03

January 27, 2021

androidx.emoji:emoji:1.2.0-alpha03, androidx.emoji:emoji-appcompat:1.2.0-alpha03, and androidx.emoji:emoji-bundled:1.2.0-alpha03 are released. Version 1.2.0-alpha03 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Emoji v13.1 emoji are added to bundled configuration.

API Changes

  • Added new API EmojiCompat.Config#setGlyphChecker that enables developers to provide custom emoji glyph check behavior. (Ibc95e, b/170587912)

Version 1.2.0-alpha01

August 19, 2020

androidx.emoji:emoji:1.2.0-alpha01, androidx.emoji:emoji-appcompat:1.2.0-alpha01, and androidx.emoji:emoji-bundled:1.2.0-alpha01 are released. Version 1.2.0-alpha01 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Emoji v13.0 emoji are added to bundled configuration.


Version 1.1.0

June 24, 2020

androidx.emoji:emoji:1.1.0, androidx.emoji:emoji-appcompat:1.1.0, and androidx.emoji:emoji-bundled:1.1.0 are released. Version 1.1.0 contains these commits.

Major changes since 1.0.0

Version 1.1.0-rc01

April 29, 2020

androidx.emoji:emoji:1.1.0-rc01, androidx.emoji:emoji-appcompat:1.1.0-rc01, and androidx.emoji:emoji-bundled:1.1.0-rc01 are released with no changes since 1.1.0-beta01. Version 1.1.0-rc01 contains these commits.

Version 1.1.0-beta01

April 1, 2020

androidx.emoji:emoji:1.1.0-beta01, androidx.emoji:emoji-appcompat:1.1.0-beta01, and androidx.emoji:emoji-bundled:1.1.0-beta01 are released with no changes since 1.1.0-alpha01. Version 1.1.0-beta01 contains these commits.

Version 1.1.0-alpha01

February 5, 2020

androidx.emoji:emoji:1.1.0-alpha01, androidx.emoji:emoji-appcompat:1.1.0-alpha01, and androidx.emoji:emoji-bundled:1.1.0-alpha01 are released. Version 1.1.0-alpha01 contains these commits in source and these commits for Emoji 12 and 12.1.

New features