Jetpack Compose Roadmap

Last updated: July 27, 2022

Welcome to the Jetpack Compose roadmap, outlining upcoming plans for Jetpack Compose. For completed features, please see release notes.

The major themes in focus on for the next release are:

  • Performance
  • More support for advanced use cases
  • Material 3 components
  • Improve tooling, including Preview and Live Edit
  • Platform support: Wear OS, large screens, homescreen widgets

In Focus items are being worked on soon and are likely to land in an upcoming stable release. Backlog items are planned but not likely to land soon.

Core Libraries

Area In Focus Backlog Done

Improve component parity with Material specification and MDC-Android

Improve APIs and behavior of existing components

Material 3

Component parity with existing Material library

Improve component parity with Material 3 specification

Large/adaptive screen sizes

Motion/transition subsystem

Material You dynamic color

Shape theming


Lazy item animations

Lazy Staggered Grid

Public API for anchored components

Paged collections

Drag and drop in Lazy layouts

Nested Scroll interoperability with Views





Flow layouts

Text Editing Improvements

Text on Canvas

Keyboard input


Variable Fonts

Improve Emoji support

Smart Text Features

Async Drawing

Autosize Text

Drag and Drop across screens

Graphics SubLayer

Multi-threaded measure

Downloadable Fonts

Selection Magnifier

Trackpad/D-Pad navigation

Mouse input

Improve focus management


Shared element transitions

Compiler & Runtime

Group Eliding Optimizations

Exception Handling

Composition Tracing

Multithreaded scheduler

External Type Stability Configuration

Movable Content

Applier inferencing


Multi modal input injection

Common tests


Improve Preview performance

Improve Live Edit

Animation Inspector

Wear OS Preview

Homescreen Widget Preview

Recomposition Tooling

Jetpack Library Integrations

Area In Focus Done

Transition animations


Getting Paging Compose APIs to stable

Improvements for infinitely prepending lists

Constraint/Motion Layout

ConstraintLayout DSL parity with existing features


Platform In Focus Done
Wear OS

Compose API

Homescreen Widgets



If you would like to propose an item for consideration for inclusion on the roadmap please review existing proposals or create a new one.