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Accessibility checking

The AccessibilityCheck class allows you to use your existing test code to test for accessibility issues. As you interact with a View during a test, the accessibility test framework runs checks automatically before proceeding. Just import the class and add the following code to your setup methods annotated with @Before:


public class AccessibilityChecksIntegrationTest {
    public static void enableAccessibilityChecks() {

This will cause accessibility checks to run on a given view every time you use a ViewAction from the ViewActions class. To instead run these checks on all views in the hierarchy, use the following logic:


When first enabling checks, you may encounter a number of issues you may not be able to deal with immediately. You can suppress these errors by setting a matcher for the results that you would like to suppress. Matchers for AccessibilityCheckResult appear in AccessibilityCheckResultUtils within the accessibility test framework. For example, to suppress all errors for a view with the ID


For more advanced configuration of accessibility checking, see the eyes-free repository on GitHub.