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These are the API classes. See all API packages.



AddAdSelectionFromOutcomesOverrideRequest Represents the TestAdSelectionManager.overrideAdSelectionFromOutcomesConfigRemoteInfo(AddAdSelectionFromOutcomesOverrideRequest, Executor, OutcomeReceiver) ( AddAdSelectionOverrideRequest, Executor, OutcomeReceiver)} request
AddAdSelectionOverrideRequest Represents the AdSelectionManager.overrideAdSelectionConfigRemoteInfo(android.adservices.adselection.AddAdSelectionOverrideRequest, java.util.concurrent.Executor, android.os.OutcomeReceiver) request
AddCustomAudienceOverrideRequest Represents the CustomAudienceManager.overrideCustomAudienceRemoteInfo(android.adservices.customaudience.AddCustomAudienceOverrideRequest, java.util.concurrent.Executor, android.os.OutcomeReceiver) request
AddCustomAudienceOverrideRequest.Builder Builder for AddCustomAudienceOverrideRequest objects.
AdData Represents data specific to an ad that is necessary for ad selection and rendering.
AdData.Builder Builder for AdData objects.
AdId A unique, user-resettable, device-wide, per-profile ID for advertising.
AdIdManager Provides APIs for app and ad-SDKs to access advertising ID.
AdSelectionConfig Contains the configuration of the ad selection process. Instances of this class are created by SDKs to be provided as arguments to the AdSelectionManager#runAdSelection and AdSelectionManager#reportImpression methods in AdSelectionManager.
AdSelectionConfig.Builder Builder for AdSelectionConfig objects.
AdSelectionFromOutcomesConfig Contains the configuration of the ad selection process that select a winner from a given list of ad selection ids.
AdSelectionFromOutcomesConfig.Builder Builder for AdSelectionFromOutcomesConfig objects.
AdSelectionManager AdSelection Manager provides APIs for app and ad-SDKs to run ad selection processes as well as report impressions.
AdSelectionOutcome This class represents a field in the OutcomeReceiver, which is an input to the AdSelectionManager#runAdSelection in the AdSelectionManager. This field is populated in the case of a successful AdSelectionManager#runAdSelection call.
AdSelectionOutcome.Builder Builder for AdSelectionOutcome objects.
AdSelectionSignals Holds JSON that will be passed into a JavaScript function during ad selection.
AdServicesState This class encapsulates possible states of the APIs exposed by the AdServicesApi APK.
AdServicesException Exception thrown by AdServices.
AdServicesPermissions Permissions used by the AdServices APIs.
AdServicesState Specifies the state of the APIs exposed by AdServicesApi apk.
AdTechIdentifier An identifier representing an ad buyer or seller.
AdServicesVersion Information about the current AdServices API version.
AppSetId A unique, per-device, per-developer-account, user-resettable ID.
AppSetIdManager Provides APIs for app and ad SDKs to access appSetId.


CustomAudience Represents the information necessary for a custom audience to participate in ad selection.
CustomAudience.Builder Builder for CustomAudience objects.
CustomAudienceManager Provides APIs for app and ad SDKs to join or leave custom audiences.


DeletionRequest Get Deletion Request.
DeletionRequest.Builder Builder for DeletionRequest objects.


GetTopicsRequest Get Topics Request.
GetTopicsRequest.Builder Builder for GetTopicsRequest objects.
GetTopicsResponse Represent the result from the getTopics API.
GetTopicsResponse.Builder Builder for GetTopicsResponse objects.


JoinCustomAudienceRequest The request object to join a custom audience.
JoinCustomAudienceRequest.Builder Builder for JoinCustomAudienceRequest objects.


LeaveCustomAudienceRequest The request object used to leave a custom audience.
LeaveCustomAudienceRequest.Builder Builder for LeaveCustomAudienceRequest objects.
LoadSdkException Exception thrown by SdkSandboxManager#loadSdk


MeasurementManager Register an attribution source or trigger.


RemoveAdSelectionFromOutcomesOverrideRequest Represents the RemoveAdSelectionFromOutcomesOverrideRequest, Executor, OutcomeReceiver) request.
RemoveAdSelectionOverrideRequest Represents the AdSelectionManager.removeAdSelectionConfigRemoteInfoOverride(android.adservices.adselection.RemoveAdSelectionOverrideRequest, java.util.concurrent.Executor, android.os.OutcomeReceiver) request
RemoveCustomAudienceOverrideRequest Represents the CustomAudienceManager.removeCustomAudienceRemoteInfoOverride(android.adservices.customaudience.RemoveCustomAudienceOverrideRequest, java.util.concurrent.Executor, android.os.OutcomeReceiver) request
RemoveCustomAudienceOverrideRequest.Builder Builder for RemoveCustomAudienceOverrideRequest objects.
ReportImpressionRequest Represent input parameters to the reportImpression API.
RequestSurfacePackageException Builder for ReportImpressionRequest objects.


SandboxedSdk Represents an SDK loaded in the sandbox process.
SandboxedSdkProvider Encapsulates API which SDK sandbox can use to interact with SDKs loaded into it.
SandboxedSdkProvider.DataReceivedCallback Callback for tracking the status of data received from the client application.
SdkSandboxController Controller that is used by SDK loaded in the SDK Sandbox to access information provided by the SDK Sandbox.
SdkSandboxManager Provides APIs to load SDKs into SDK sandbox process, and then interact with them.
SdkSandboxManager.SdkSandboxProcessDeathCallback Callback for tracking SDK sandbox death events.
SendDataException Exception thrown by SdkSandboxManager#sendData.
SendDataResponse The response returned from SdkSandboxManager#sendData on success.


TestAdSelectionManager Provides APIs for app and ad-SDKs to test ad selection processes as well as report impressions.
TestCustomAudienceManager TestCustomAudienceManager provides APIs for app and ad-SDKs to test custom audiences.
Topic Represent the topic result from the getTopics API.
TopicsManager Topics Manager.
TrustedBiddingData Represents data used during the ad selection process to fetch buyer bidding signals from a trusted key/value server.
TrustedBiddingData.Builder Builder for TrustedBiddingData objects.


WebSourceParams Class holding source registration parameters.
WebSourceParams.Builder Builder for WebSourceParams objects.
WebSourceRegistrationRequest Class to hold input to measurement source registration calls from web context.
WebSourceRegistrationRequest.Builder Builder for WebSourceRegistrationRequest objects.
WebTriggerParams Class holding trigger registration parameters.
WebTriggerParams.Builder Builder for WebTriggerParams objects.
WebTriggerRegistrationRequest Class to hold input to measurement trigger registration calls from web context.
WebTriggerRegistrationRequest.Builder Builder for WebTriggerRegistrationRequest objects.