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Play Install Referrer API

This documentation provides technical reference for using the Play Install Referrer API. The Play Install Referrer API is an AIDL Service Interface primarily used by non-Java programmers.

Note: The Play Install Referrer Library provides a wrapper around the Play Install Referrer API and is designed to help Java programmers use the API.

The getInstallReferrer() method

This method returns the app install referrer information corresponding to the given package name sent through a Bundle (key mapped in table 1). In the response Bundle sent by Google Play, the referral information is stored in fields mapped to the keys detailed in table 2.

Table 1. getInstallReferrer() bundle data. request.

Parameter Type Description
package_name String The package name of the caller, used for disambiguation.

Table 2. Response data from a getInstallReferrer() request.

Key Type Description
install_referrer String The referrer url of the installed package.
referrer_click_timestamp_seconds long The timestamp in seconds when referrer click happens.
install_begin_timestamp_seconds long The timestamp in seconds when installation begins.

Caution: The install referrer information will be available for 90 days and won't change unless the application is reinstalled. To avoid unecessary API calls in your app, you should invoke the API only once during the first execution after install. Your app can listen to the system broadcast Intent.ACTION_PACKAGE_FIRST_LAUNCH to identify the app's first execution. For details about how to handle a broadcast, check the Receiving broadcasts section.