Engage SDK Frequently asked questions

Who manages the content publishing job?

The app developer manages the content publishing job and sends requests to the Engage Service. In this way, developer partners have more control over when and how to publish content to the users. This avoids waking up the partner app too frequently to publish content.

Does a developer need to publish all cluster types?

While technically developers are free to publish just one cluster, we strongly advise including more. Otherwise, developers miss the opportunity to drive better engagement with their content. We highly recommend publishing all cluster types for each vertical.

How often should the developer partner be publishing data via the work manager while the app is running?

This is to be decided by the developer partner. Google recommends publishing once or twice per day for general recommendation content, and to use an event-driven methodology for shopping cart, reorder, and other continuation content (for example, start the worker as a callback of the user adding items to the cart or the user stopping a movie halfway).

Why do Android app developers need to register for broadcast intents?

In order to serve fresh content to the user, you should use broadcast intents to trigger a data sync in cases where users might not use the app frequently.