Engage SDK Developer Preview

Express interest in joining the developer preview.

Google Play is building a new surface to organize and spotlight the best and most relevant content from apps already installed on an Android phone. The surface is meant to help users effortlessly discover and continue app content. Developers can use this surface to highlight the most important content from users' installed apps and even launch users into a full-screen immersive experience with personalized recommendations and promotions.

Many developers have already integrated with Engage SDK as part of an early access program. Now we are expanding to a developer preview in order to:

  • Build developer adoption in MVP categories before the consumer launch this summer
  • Onboard and gain feedback from developers in phase 2 categories, which will be added to the consumer experience on a rolling basis as we achieve sufficient catalog

Express interest in joining the developer preview. If your app meets the eligibility criteria, we will reach out with additional details and next steps for integration

Enroll in the Developer Preview

What to expect

If you would like to join the developer preview, follow these steps:

  1. Review the requirements on this page to determine if your app(s) meets the eligibility criteria.
  2. Submit an application. We will review your application and reply within two weeks. If you need a development NDA to proceed, we will contact you to start the process.
  3. If you are approved, we will contact you to provide integration instructions and collect email addresses to include in the developer preview. Most apps complete an initial integration in about a week of developer time and one month of calendar time.
  4. Once your integration is ready, submit it to our developer support team for verification.
  5. Once verified, you can submit your integrated APK to the Play Store and we add you to the developer preview.
  6. Once added to the developer preview, you will have access to content from all apps in the developer preview, and your content will become available to other members of the developer preview and early testers (Google employees and a small group of trusted testers under NDA).


To qualify for the Engage SDK developer preview, your app must meet the following conditions:

  • Your Android app must:

    • Be in good standing on Google Play and in compliance with all of our policies
    • Be downloaded and/or updated by the Play Store in the US
    • Be in an supported app category. Engage SDK supports >10 categories, with more being added on a rolling basis. If you apply and are not in a supported category, we will let you know and then follow up when we are ready for you to integrate.
    • Provide browseable content that can be consumed or ordered digitally. For examples, apps focused on utilities, tools, controls, or logging and tracking are not eligible for the developer preview (this is not an exhaustive list). To illustrate the difference, a music streaming service is eligible but a headphone control app is not.
    • Meet one of the following criteria
      • You are a developer in the Media Experience Program
      • Has at least 100k US 28 DAU AND your app meets a minimum quality bar
  • Developer must:

    • Have an active Development NDA with Google (if you don't, you can still apply, and we will help create one)

Ongoing requirements

Additionally, you must comply with the following requirements throughout the developer preview:

  • You must keep all information about the program confidential until the consumer launch, in keeping with an active Development NDA.
  • You must be approved through our verification process, confirming data quality, minimum refresh cadence, valid deep links.
  • You must ensure that all Engage SDK content complies with Play developer content policies

Note that eligibility and ongoing requirements are subject to change, and we expect the preview details to evolve as we learn and receive additional feedback. We reserve the right to remove any partner from the developer preview if they don't meet these requirements.